Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Bacon makes everything taste better!  I like brussels sprouts, but add some delicious bacon to it and it just makes them irresistible!!  Be careful not to overcook your brussel sprouts!  They taste best when a little ‘al dente’.

Cook time: 15-20 minutes


  • 1 1/2 lbs fresh brussel sprouts
  • 4-5 slices thick cut bacon
  • Salt and pepper


Cut brussel sprouts in half.  Take off any loose or brown leaves around the outside.  Steam or microwave them until they are tender but not completely done.  Over cooking them will give them a strong flavor and mushy consistency.  That is not what we are going for here!!

While they are cooking dice the bacon and render in a large skillet.  When the bacon is very crispy, remove from the pan onto some paper towels to drain.  Remove all but 2-3 tbsp of the bacon grease.  Place the brussel sprouts into the bacon grease.  Pan fry until slightly brown on the edges. Toss the reserved bacon back into the pan and toss together.  Salt and pepper to desired taste.

Not much salt will be required because of the bacons saltiness.

I enjoy dipping them in an aged balsamic when eating them!!


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