Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Bacon makes everything taste better!  I like brussels sprouts, but add some delicious bacon to it and it just makes them irresistible!!  Be careful not to overcook your brussel sprouts!  They taste best when a little ‘al dente’.

Seven Layer Summer Salad

This is a great party recipe especially for the summer time when the less prep you have to do the better. You can prepare this simple yet eye appealing salad beforehand and cut your prep time down! It is sure … Continue reading

Green Bean Casserole

Now at Thanksgiving time and often at Special holiday dinners, green bean casserole is a traditional dish that goes without saying. This Thanksgiving my mom decided that it wasn’t necessary to make it. She figured that most people don’t really … Continue reading

Harvard Beets

Whenever we would have a holiday gathering, Harvard Beets would be one of the many traditional dishes served. My grandmother always made them, and they were always the best. I have always been a big fan of beets. I can … Continue reading