Hi, I’m Jessica!

Welcome to Delicious Bits! My name is Jessica Gardner.  I am a blessed momma of two very adorable and active kids, and wife to an amazing husband.

My mom started teaching me how to cook at a very young age.  I started out making small things like rice krispy treats and small cakes in my Easy-Bake oven.  I have very fond memories of being in the kitchen with my mom.  She was always full of helpful advice and tips that I carry with me even today.

Growing up, my mom loved to cook; but baking usually fell to me.  My grandmother was the baker of the family and she taught me a lot about baking.  So between my mom and grandma, I learned to love the kitchen and tried all kinds of new recipes!  My mom has since passed away, but my grandmother and I still enjoy cooking together.

The purpose of Delicious Bits is to share some of those memories and recipes with you, and chronicle all of the new ones I’m making.  Now I love to cook with my little ones. There’s always a big mess to clean up, but the memories that we share together each time are bigger than any mess in my kitchen.

I love my God, I love my family, I love to cook, and I love to craft.  And I put together this website to help you to a delicious sampling of it all.